Facility Construction, Management, Support & Maintenance

Blacklightening LLC provides a full spectrum of turnkey solutions to meet the needs of our clients.  Beyond general construction of diverse facilities, we have extensive experience in providing base life support for military, coalition forces and contractor personnel in designing, constructing and maintaining Life Support and Operational Facilities in very diverse and austere environments.









Iraq - Baghdad IZ:

  1. Built two operational facilities to support Blacklightening LLC Iraq operations.
    1. Ten man Operations Center & Headquarters
    2. Fifty-man camp with life support systems & facilities
  2. Purchased, transported and delivered diesel fuel from Kuwait to Erbil, Kurdistan to supply city power.
  3. Constructed & managed one of the first commercial gas stations within the IZ.
  4. Managed DIA facility and SF AOB within the IZ for three years. Built and maintained living quarters and life support (water & power), as well as motor pool to maintain low vis vehicles.
  5. Sole provider of Armed PSD Teams for KBR executives in Baghdad for four years.  Covered over twenty executives and ran over one thousand missions with no harm to clients.



Baghdad International Airport (BIAP):

Built three sites, both brick and mortar and trailer type housing.



Provided security for 40-acre site and facilities for the US Army COIN Academy, housing both US military troops and contractors, classrooms, dining facilities and motor pools as well as provided security transport for all troops at the academy.






Lagos, Nigeria:

Following a two year failed attempt at building an office facility, Blacklightening LLC assumed project management for our client’s four story office facility and complex, overseeing and managing:

In an environment plagued with poor work and material quality standards, Blacklightening LLC ensured the structural and labor integrity to bring the project to completion, on time, on budget meeting the codes and standards of a US project.



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