Logistics Support & Management

Blacklightening LLC, with over three decades of experience, has been successful in providing security and risk mitigation solutions and logistical support to major corporations invested in some of the world’s most hostile areas.  Possessing the capabilities and resources to deliver extensive critical support and management, we have a proven and solid track record of pioneering coherent and comprehensive strategies to meet our client’s needs.  With our unique footprint of coverage, our network of associates and partners, and an effective global presence, Blacklightening LLC offers logistical support in the following areas:


  • Haulage
  • Supply Chain Management & Warehousing
  • Customs Formalities





Our understanding and experience in the management of corridors

ensures that local deliveries and cross-border transport is efficient,

protected and timely.









Supply Chain Management and Warehousing

Whether they are dedicated to one or multiple customers, our added-value warehouses notably provide secure facilities for merchandise, with CCTV, burglar detection and access control, bonded warehouses, temperature-controlled storage and facilities for sensitive, perishable or dangerous goods.







Customs Formalities

We offer quality management of customs operations.  By anticipating routine checks and formalities, Blacklightening LLC can save you valuable time ensuring the timely availability and delivery of your goods and mandatory documents and vouchers.


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