Security & Threat Management

Long ago we realized that it takes more than simply identifying a threat to provide security. You also must understand the real or perceived cause that created the threat. Only then can you mitigate the threat and protect yourself. Blacklightening LLC professionals can not only identify the risks faced by you or your company, we can also provide you with an effective, pro-active action plan to provide you with a strategy for handling current and future risks. Blacklightening LLC security plan will directly address the threats you face by providing for flexible implementation through situational analysis.


If you believe your corporation, personnel, facilities or operations are at risk, you're probably right. Blacklightening LLC has the experience and ability to provide you with the most effective strategic and tactical plans to manage that threat. Blacklightening LLC can help you deal effectively with all manner of risks and threats, ranging from hostile dissident, terrorist activity, extortion, kidnapping and industrial espionage.


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